About Us | Hike Sedona

Hike Sedona is a division of Hermosa Tours, LLC based in Durango, CO and Sedona, AZ. Hike Sedona operates guided day and overnight hikes throughout the beautiful Sedona area for all ages and skill levels.

Page-1-Image-1 MATT MCFEE

Matt is the founder and owner of Hermosa Tours, LLC which is the parent company of Hike Sedona. Matt has hiked all over the United States and even internationally, but still comes back to Sedona as his favorite spot pound for pound. Originally from Ohio, he’s been exploring the western US for almost 20 years and is still in awe!

Page-1-Image-2 ERIC FRYE

Eric has been in Northern Arizona since 2002. His list of interests is long and he has an excitable enthusiasm for the outdoors. When he’s not doing Science work for Grand Canyon National Park, or guiding hikes and bike rides he can be found thrashing through drainages on the way to remote rock climbs, rolling along single track on his mountain bike, floating the local creeks and rivers or hanging out at the park with his son. Good times are guaranteed whenever he’s outside.

Page-2-Image-3 JEREMY DAVID

Jeremy loves to explore new places, and share cool experiences with new friends. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors weather its taking the dog for a walk, going on long hikes, climbing up mountains to ski down, or just having a stroll through the park. As long as there are plenty of snacks in the backpack we are good to go!


I am an outdoor adventurer with a passion for physical activity. Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, or swimming in the river, being active in the beauty of nature puts me in that instant happy, feel-good mood. The trail options here are never ending, and the views are beyond breathtaking. I swear, it seems like the mountains multiply and grow bigger and more spectacular every day. I love this place and can’t wait to show it to you. Let’s hike and get happy!