Often called the “Day Hike Capital of America”, Sedona, AZ is truly one of North America’s most beautiful and special destinations. The soaring red rock cliffs of the Mogollon Rim provide a stunning backdrop to a diverse landscape of pine trees, cactus and unique wildlife. Whether one hikes along the tranquil and delicate Oak Creek, across a red rock bluff or on a winding trail through thick pines and manzanita no one leaves Sedona without a lasting impression.

Sedona hiking offers so many options it’d be challenging to list them all. A few things about how we operate: 1) first all of our day hikes are private; we do not combine groups. That allows us to focus on your ability and your expectations. That might be a short family hike, an all day march or any number of unique experiences we can deliver. 2) Once we receive a reservation from you online we assign a personal guide to you and your group. The guide will be in touch to discuss your exact hike needs and expectations and he/she will then build out a day to match. 3) Our start times are variable – we do our best to coordinate with you and your schedule.